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Césped Artificial | Acabado de Poliuretano



Just like the best tyre in the market, the Polyurethane finish we apply in Turfgrass guarantees the best Artificial Grass fibers grip, preventing them from coming loose with use.

In order to offer a more lasting, resistant and loyal to our planet Artificial Grass, since the year 2007 and as a pioneer brand in Europe, Turfgrass applies the finish of its products through an innovative finish process which has revolutionized the traditional systems.

In this process, consisting on the attachment of the grass thread to the primary support, Turfgrass applies a thin and homogeneous layer of Polyurethane to guarantee the perfect soldered joint that a top quality Artificial Grass requires.


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Base Resistance

Tuft Grip – Tuft pull out strength notably improved.

Quality level – The highest as existing base.

Durability – The longest as existing base: It does not dissolve, crack or quarter.

Solubility in Water – It does not weaken or deteriorate in contact with water, offering a resistance of 100% against the 65% of latex.

Extreme Temperatures – Without changes up to  -20ºC. Latex quarters at 0ºC.


Installation and Maintenance

Transport - Greater simplicity of management of the pieces due to lower weight.

Glued of the Joints – Excellent. Higher adherence to bicomponent polyurethane glues since they have the same composition.

Dimensional Stability – Notably improved. The PU offers a uniform and stable surface of 0.02% against the 0.5% of latex.

Malleability – Flexible and malleable, with a considerable adaptation improvement to irregularities of the land. It does not create air pockets.

Temperature of the final product – Thanks to the PU, which acts as insulation, the heat from the asphalt overheat is reduced.

Condition of the soil – It does not pollute the soil, since the PU is insoluble.


Manufacture Process

Water Purification – Without water effluent, purification is not necessary.

Additives – No need of antimicrobic or antifungal additives. 0% of atmosphere pollutants.

Energy – Energy saving higher than 50% against the products with a latex finish.

Raw Material – Reduction of 30% of raw material consumption.

Recycling – Product 100% recyclable.


In Turfgrass® we are specialist in the design and manufacture of artificial sports and decorative top quality grass